Teacher Training



Find your beat. Share the love.

"I invite you to take a chance on yourself. Push yourself to do something new. Teaching this program has changed my life. The passion I have for the program, the relationships I have gained from being a teacher and the physical, mental and spiritual benefits I feel on a daily basis are because I am blessed to be a teacher. This is where I can express. This is where I feel free. Moving my body to music brings me peace, it calms me and at the same time it is the thing that makes me feel the most alive. When I am my sweatiest and exhausted from hours of teaching is when I feel the most beautiful. I am running this training because I want everyone to feel what I feel when the music starts and our bodies start moving in unity. I believe this same passion I feel, may be hiding inside of your heart. It's time to dig deep and be fearless. Join me for this incredible training weekend and find your own teaching voice."