Ballet Beats®

The Method

Kalyn Swihart created Ballet Beats®, a full-body workout experience, to break down the ballet barrier - making ballet accessible to all. Kalyn has spent years creating and refining each exercise in the syllabus and its intentional progression. She applies decades of training, technique and knowledge into the creation of the Ballet Beats® experience.

Kalyn holds a BA in dance with a major in ballet from the University of Calgary and Alberta Ballet. Her education emphasized both dance and kinesiology which has supported the marriage of both Classical Ballet technique and fitness to create a unique experience for her students. 

Ballet Beats® is a community focused on health, energy and happiness. We are a body-positive, come as you are, accepting community. We focus on the movement, finding a mind-body connection, learning, moving to the music. Freedom through self-expression. We strive to deepen body awareness and encourage getting to truly know your body. The workout is challenging and provides amazing results but that is just the by-product, not the focus. We love to dance, we find meditation through movement and through the memorization of sequences. We rebel against the "ideal body" and strive to encourage and support each student to be their best self and their strongest self. We have fun, we smile, we laugh and we work really, really hard. The goal of the Ballet Beats® method is to take the focus off of what our bodies look like and place it on how we feel and how far we can push ourselves both physically and mentally. You will not hear the words calories or inches mentioned. You will be taught how to use your body properly, safely and gracefully. You will be reminded to stand tall, find correct posture, activate the right muscles, push yourself to your maximum and to LOVE yourself right now in this moment. That self-love and confidence in knowing your body will bring you to a new level of fitness and strength. 




Fitness classes rooted in ballet technique, the perfect marriage. 


Ballet Barre Works is our signature class. It is a full body workout done ballet style. We use the barre to support us through basic ballet exercises choreographed to energizing music. This workout will get you moving, sweating and mastering the art of Ballet. Strengthen and lengthen muscles, build grace, musicality, flexibility and a love of dance. This is the most "true-to-Ballet" barre class compared to what is out there in the barre world. We are proud to offer the most graceful interval class you’ll ever do. This style of class follows the same structure as a classical Ballet class with mats and cardio interjected throughout. 


This cardio Ballet class will get your heart pumping. This class does not incorporate the barre, does not use equipment and has a follow-along feel. The instructor will guide you through set sequences choreographed to amazing music! The sweat will be dripping!!!  


A little less dance, the same intense burn! This class focuses on strength and stamina while using ankle weights and hand weights. We maintain our ballet posture to execute defining exercises choreographed to motivating music. Strength and balance are challenged in this whole body workout. This class is a combination of both mat and standing series. Weights are optional.


The instructor will create a mix of our signature Ballet Barre Works class with another style for each Barre Fusion class.  You may get a Barre/Lift or Barre/Beats or Barre/Arms or Barre/Mats, etc. Let the unknown surprise and inspire you. 


This class goes a little like this... warm-up, cardio, arms, cardio, mats, cardio, core, cardio, stretch. It's a whole lot of action jammed into one tiny hour of your day. You will have nothing left to get done. 


Mats, mats and more mats. We warm-up and then become one with our mats. These set series will focus on butt, legs, and core. Ankle weights optional. Please inform us if you have knee or ankle troubles and we can help with modifications. 


Get back to the inspiration behind Ballet Barre Works. This traditional ballet class is the perfect introduction to ballet. The focus is on technique and simplicity. We start with exercises at the barre and then move into centre work and across-the-floor. Pirouettes optional! All levels welcome. Please wear Ballet slippers or non-grip socks.  


This class is a coaching class, similar to a yoga posture clinic. We will go through basic ballet movements to solidify our technique. It is a great way to get deeper into the movement and have a chance to ask questions and move at a slower pace. You will still get a workout but the focus is more on learning and mastering the Ballet Beats® technique! You will be given tools to enhance all of your classes. This is not a regularly scheduled class, watch for workshops. 




Become part of our Ballet Beats community wherever you are in this beautiful world.

New content released weekly.

Dancer or not, you will become a Rebel Ballerina.




Why do we offer Streaming?

  • To make the Ballet Beats® Method available to everyone, regardless of where they live

  • Because life is busy and it can be hard to make it to a class

  • Travel is a huge part of life for many people and if you love Ballet Beats®, you should do it wherever you are

  • To allow anyone to experience the program in the comfort of their own home. We hope it will open the door for everyone to join us at a studio, at a retreat or to take part in our teaching training program

What is included?

The Program:

- New 30-40 Minute Ballet Beats® Class launched every Sunday. These classes are designed to do anywhere, the only equipment that may be required is a Yoga mat. Do this series as many times as you can in the 7 days that you have access to it.

- Every week you will have access to an "in studio" class. The style of class will change weekly to give you exposure to all of the different class styles that make up the entire Ballet Beats® program. These classes may require a barre or chair, a Yoga mat, 3 lb weights and optional ankle weights.

- Classical Ballet will be offered most months and may be accessed for the entire month. It is recommended to incorporate this class to deepen your understanding of traditional Ballet methods.

- Access to specialty classes, when offered. These will be "in studio" classes and will range from Diva Hip Hop to African dance. Take the opportunity to try something new!

-Ongoing technique videos to give you the best experience possible and will equip you with the knowledge to maintain a safe, independent practice of the Ballet Beats® Method.

-The subscription will be growing and evolving over the coming months as we figure out our groove! We would love feedback and suggestions as we grow our online community


Teacher Training

Find your beat. Share the love. Take a chance on yourself. Push yourself to do something new.  It's time to dig deep, be fearless and find your own teaching voice. 


Teacher Training



Find your beat. Share the love.

"I invite you to take a chance on yourself. Push yourself to do something new. Teaching this program has changed my life. The passion I have for the program, the relationships I have gained from being a teacher and the physical, mental and spiritual benefits I feel on a daily basis are because I am blessed to be a teacher. This is where I can express. This is where I feel free. Moving my body to music brings me peace, it calms me and at the same time it is the thing that makes me feel the most alive. When I am my sweatiest and exhausted from hours of teaching is when I feel the most beautiful. I am running this training because I want everyone to feel what I feel when the music starts and our bodies start moving in unity. I believe this same passion I feel, may be hiding inside of your heart. It's time to dig deep and be fearless. Join me for this incredible training weekend and find your own teaching voice."



Immerse yourself in a Ballet Beats® Retreat. Challenge yourself physically, mentally and spiritually by joining us in a beautiful retreat location to expand your Ballet Beats practice and your horizons.